Finally some kits for sale

22 August 2023

Original post

I finally managed to get a hold of enough parts to make about 10 kits for the Planck 6502. I also have parts to make kits for most of the expansion boards. See below for how to buy it.

At the moment the buying process is a little manual and convoluted, because I don’t have the time to setup a proper store, and Tindie doesn’t handle VAT for european sellers (which I am).

So basically, if you are interested in any of the hardware, send me an email at with what you would like to buy, and I’ll send you a Stripe link for the payment. Of course, only the hardware that is marked as PCB tested and working is available to buy.

Here are the prices :

Shipping is free from $200 of purchase total. Otherwise it seems to be around $15 or so to the US, depending on the weight of the package.

If you want a complete bundle, I have a special offer for you: $340 for one computer, one IO board, one LCD board, one OPL2 board, one CompactFlash board, and 5 prototype boards.