On Tindie

28 October 2021

The Planck 6502 computer was available on Tindie for a short while.

I had listed 4 computers in stock, but I should have checked my parts bin more thoroughly beforehand, because it turned out I was missing some parts to complete all 4 kits.


I know it can be frustrating when you want to buy something on Tindie or the newest rapsberry Pi, but they are perpetually sold out… The economics are very difficult to make work, and it can be scary to invest money in parts before you even if there is demand for the product you are trying to sell. For example, if I order enough PCBs and parts to produce 20 computers, I would have to invest around 1200 € or almost 1400 $ with no guarantee to recoup any costs. So then the “safe” thing to do is to order enough to produce about 5 computers so that if nothing sells I am not out of too much money. But if they sell, well they’ll be out of stock immediately.

I think one way to solve this dilemna will be to place progressiveley bigger orders, like next time I’ll order 10, then 20, then 40, each time putting all of the profits (if any) and more of my own money into the venture.

Anyway, this seems like it’s a difficult chicken and egg problem to solve, and now I won’t be that frustrated when the newest raspberry Pi is out of stock everywhere, because I know what it’s like…